anna kristina d. taboy

  • ed nurse
  • Philippines
  • May 09, 2017
Full Time Health Professional

Personal Summary

I am Anna Taboy, a registered nurse for more than 8 years. I have mainly worked in the Emergency department both from the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. I have covered roles in Triage, Resus, Isolation, and acute care. I am a team member and am flexible in any job that concerns taking care of sick people. 

Work Experience

ED nurse
Aug 2015 - May 2017 Specialist Group Hospital and Trauma Center

SGHTC is a 100-bed capacity tertiary hospital catering to a daily census of 50 patients. The ED holds 10 beds which comprise of 2 triage assessment rooms, 1 Resus bed, 2 Trauma beds, 1 Isolation room, 3 acute care beds, 1 Procedure bed.                                                                                

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Provides unsupervised direct patient care by utilizing the nursing process
  2. Utilizes the concept of Canadian Triage Acuity System in identifying and classifying stable to critical patients.
  3. Attends stable to critical patients and responsible in responding to codes (Trauma Code, code Blue) when called for in the entire hospital.
  4. Assists physicians in performing minor procedures in the department like suturing, incision and drainage, Ascitic tapping. Monitors patient status by observing vital signs and communicates reportable cases to the team leader and the physician.
  5. Performs BLS and ACLS on resuscitative patients utilizing the American Heart Association Guidelines.
    1. Assists in central line insertion
    2. Holds Code Blue pager and attends to codes
    3. Blood transfusions done using blood warmer machine.
  6. Performs ECG to patients presenting with chest pain then connects to cardiac monitor.
  7. Performs urine dipstick to patients presenting with infection; and so is with diabetic patients to rule out diabetic ketoacidosis in the triage section.
  8. Conducts hospital transfers of patients with and without accompanying doctor depending on the case of the patient.
  9. Performs IV cannulation, blood extraction when necessary. Gives physician ordered medication and observing the rights of the patient when administering. Administers medication intravenously, intradermally, subcutaneously, intramuscularly and orally as ordered by the physician.
    1. Administers IV infusion using Hospira & BBraun Infusion Pumps
  10. Endorses patients by using the ISBAR method to ensure proper communication and continuity of care among the healthcare team.
  11. Educates patients and relatives regarding healthcare and refers to other healthcare members for multidisciplinary approach of care.
  12. Participates in performance improvement and risk management by actively participating in quality improvement programs and audits.
ED nurse
Mar 2013 - May 2015 King Abdulaziz Hospital, Ministry of National Guard

The King Abdulaziz Hospital is a 400 bed facility that provides care to National Guard personnel and the dependents. There is an extensive range of services for the adult and pediatric populations. The emergency department has 12 treatment beds, x2 trauma beds, x1 resuscitation bed, x1 OB assessment room, x 1 negative pressure isolation romm and x3 triage assessment rooms. Average daily patient census is 180.


Main Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. Provides direct patient care utilizing the nursing process within established hospital , divisional and unit specific policies and procedures, standards, protocols
    2. Demonstrates knowledge and clinical assessment skills appropriate to clinical area
    3. Takes direct and appropriate action in urgent and emergency situations
    4. Documents all assessments, interventions and other pertinent information in the patient’s health care record in a timely and ongoing manner
    5. Promotes continuity of patient care through oral and written communication
    6. Demonstrates effective communication and collaboration skills when interacting with patients/families, other health care team members and staff of other departments
    7. Complies with hospital infection control and safety protocols
    1. Addresses issues using a problem solving framework. Initiates the nursing or medical/administrative chain of command if unable to resolve issues satisfactorily
    2. Liaisons with other health care team members and departments to provide continuity of care and unit activities
    1. Works with all health care team members in activities designed for the improvement of patient care outcomes
    2. Acts as a preceptor and/or resource for ew employees, trainees and other staff
    3. Assumes responsibily for own professional growth identifying those areas of clinical knowledge and skills that need further development
    4. Uses research/current references in the provision of evidence-based care
    5. Participates in teaching and mentoring of nursing, medical and paramedical students, interns and residents
    1. Anticipates and acts to maintain a safe environment
    2. Assesses own care, that provided by others, patient care systems and continuously seeks ways to improve
    3. Complies with and participates in Quality Management Process and activities
    1. Serves as a professional role model, teacher and resource person
    2. Develops and utilizes professional collegial networking
    3. Demonstrates respect, compassion and cultural sensitivity to patients/families other hospital employees, students and faculty
    4. Advocates for excellence in patient care and for patient rights
    5. Assumes responsibility for own actions, decisions and behaviors
    6. Demonstrates initiative in the performance of duties
    7. Performs other related duties assigned
ED nurse
Oct 2009 - Mar 2013 Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Memorial Hospital

Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Memorial Hospital is an ISO 9001 2008 certified tertiary hospital with 100 plus bed capacity, and currently expanding. The Emergency Department has a 15-bed capacity that offers emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The department includes Triage, Pediatrics, Surgery, Adult Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Isolation, and the Critical Care Unit.


Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Receives and endorses the unit together with the charge nurse
  2. Identifies nursing needs of patients, observes untoward signs and symptoms and conordinates with the charge nurse, provides direct nursing care to patients
  3. Aseesses patients in Triage using the CTAS.
  4. Assists physicians when examining patients, in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  5. Observes medical sepsis
    1. Responsible for suctioning secretions of patients
    2. Insertion of urinary catheter
  6. Responsible for transferring patients to the oter unit ad makes sure that the patient is properly endorsed
  7. Gives health teachings
  8. Attends to code Blue
    1. Assists with intubation
    2. Acts as IV nurse and utilizes the infusion pumps for IV infusions
    3. Performs CPR
  9. Do preliminary evaluation to patients who come in for consultation
  10. Refers patients to the attending physician who come to the ED for evaluation and management
  11. Performs first aid treatment on emergency cases
  12. Acts as first assist to the residents in performing minor operations or procedures at the emergency room
  13. Administers medication orally, intravenously, intramuscularly, subcutaneously, intradermally as per doctor’s order
  14. Coordinates with laboratory management and radiology department regarding the procedures requested by the residents for the patient
Triage Nurse
Mar 2009 - Oct 2009 Team Energy Sual Power plant

Team Energy is a powerplant with a health station that has 10 beds. This caters injured patients from the plant and ensures wellness to all the workers and residents inside it. It attends to trauma cases and has 3 ambulace services to conduct extremely injured trauma patients.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assesses and allocates triage levelling to injured patients in the plant using CTAS.
  • Assesses employees for possible infection of Ah1n1 virus then directs to proper allocation (home/station/hospital)


Internationally Qualified Nurse
Nov 2016 - Mar 2017 Monash University
Master of Arts in Nursing
Jun 2012 - Oct 2012 University of the Philippines- Open University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jun 2004 - Mar 2008 Lyceum Northwestern University



Total Years of Experience


Desired Salary

100000 pa