LDK Seniors' Living
  • Level 8, 200 Mary Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia
  • ldk.com.au

LDK Healthcare’s vision is that every senior Australian will be treated with Love, Decency and Kindness in their ageing journey.

LDK’s journey started over 20 years ago with Paul Browne, our Founder and Managing Director.

Paul established his first seniors’ living community, after his personal experiences with senior loved ones, inspired him to create a better future for senior Australians. Paul saw there was a stark difference between the vibrant lifestyle experienced in a retirement village versus the institutionalised environment of a nursing home.

As retirement village residents care needs increase, they often have to move out of their village home into a nursing home, losing the lifestyle, privacy, freedom and purpose they experienced in their retirement village.

Paul knew there had to be a better option for senior Australians back then, and has made it his mission ever since, to create retirement and aged care communities that put simply, give seniors what they want. Places where our loved ones can continue to enjoy their life as they have always done, with a sense of purpose, where couples stay together, and have the freedom to keep their pets. Where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and above all can receive all the care they need, should they ever need it, in the privacy of their own home, knowing that they will never have to move again.

LDK Seniors’ Living Villages are where older Australians can experience Paul’s vision come to life, where every aspect of what we do has one thing in mind – our residents.