The ALLIED HEALTHCARE GROUP provides turn-key, outsourced administrative and management services to hospitals and healthcare systems including operation and management of small to large size hospitals, skilled nursing facilities & other healthcare facilities. Our Company is the most experienced hospitals administrator, project planner, experienced in hospitals design, plans, development and commissioning of new hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical equipment procurer, developer and advisory company in the global market today. We provide individual services, turn-key services and total solutions. Unique to our company is the experience and success with Private-Public Hospital Partnerships, new hospital commissioning as well as with academic, teaching hospitals.

Services provided by ALLIED HEALTHCARE GROUP:

  1. Turn Key Outsourced Management of hospitals, healthcare facilities, skilled nursing facilities and other facilities.
  2. New hospitals Planning, Developing and Commissioning; expansion and modernization of existing healthcare facilities;
  3. Operations and management of hospitals, healthcare facilities & skilled nursing facilities
  4. Feasibility, Business, and Strategic Planning
  5. Organizational Transformation and Turn-Around
  6. Operation and management of small to large size hospitals, skilled nursing facilities & other healthcare facilities.
  7. Accreditation Consultation
  8. Best Practices, Protocols and Process Improvement
  9. Marketing and Branding
  10. Medical equipment procurement and installation, commissioning and operational services across the globe; world-wide hospital technology and equipment delivery;
  11. Procurement, supply & leasing of major hospitals machinery, equipment and state of the art radiological and diagnostic systems and services across the globe;
  12. Hospital technology world-wide; complete installation of small to large sized hospitals with complete equipments and plant, machinery, and technology and training on turn-key basis; Provide mobile healthcare units for remote areas where convention al healthcare facilities are not available;
  13. Healthcare staffing solutions & administrative and financial management support services including professional education & advancement, training and orientation of healthcare professionals and licensing process of doctors, nurses, physical/occupational therapists, pharmacists, medical technologists and other medical and allied health staff to prepare them for placement at our program’s participating hospitals and healthcare facilities across United States. We are the best in market and we are industry leader.
  14. Health Project financing and funding of healthcare and other infrastructure development projects and advisory services; consultancy and project management. We have resources, ability and capacity to provide funding for any developmental projects costing from 5 (five) million to 1,000 (one thousand) million US Dollars whereas for turnkey projects, large amount of funds can also be considered.

Allied Healthcare Group (AHG); an award-winning US Company. We are always looking for motivated and career oriented professionals to join our team and contribute to our continued growth and success. Allied Healthcare offers a positive, professional and award winning work environment where our team members are recognized for their contributions. At AHG we realize your decision to take up a professional position in the USA is not an easy one; nor one you make lightheartedly. Therefore, we developed a sponsorship program that is quite comprehensive providing you instructions, information and detail every step of the way.

We are a nationally recognized, full-service Healthcare Management & Operations, (award winning) US Company engaged in operations and management of hospitals, healthcare facilities & skilled nursing facilities; health staffing recruitment & placement service and workforce solutions for our Group's Hospitals and other healthcare facilities across United States. We operate nationwide and recruit and hire nurses, doctors, pharmacists, PTs/OTs, Medical Technologists/Scientists and other healthcare professionals for placement at positions that fits their interests, credentials, experience, and career aspirations. Our high standards have earned us long-standing relationships with country’s best renowned US Hospitals and institutions that range from major hospitals to long-term care facilities, skilled nursing homes, medical groups and clinics, physician offices, pharmaceutical companies, medical colleges & universities, insurance companies and TPAs. We are partnering with state-of-the-art Hospitals and other healthcare facilities in United States where we have currently over 1000 job locations, hospitals & healthcare facilities across United States in collaboration with our partnering hospitals and facilities.

AHG has been successfully placing healthcare professionals with our Group’s partnering hospitals throughout the USA for nearly FORTY (40) years. We are committed to selecting the perfect match between the nurses and our partnering hospital or any other healthcare facility. AHG recruiters and managers are available to our nurses anytime to assist with any matters concerning your vocational, social and cultural transition. In committing to taking up assignment in the USA you may be leaving family and friends. AHG will be your family away from your home country and we are certain that you will make plenty of new friends in your future assignment(s). If you are bringing your family, AHG will be there to assist in finding childcare, schools or to answer employment questions regarding your spouse.

We are an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. All applicants are considered for employment regardless of age, race, gender, religion, national origin, disability, marital status or any other factor prohibited by law.  

***Immigration Alert***

Due to length of time the industry has experienced retrogression in the U.S., during past recessions, some nurses and other healthcare professionals/workers were cancelled or abandoned by other US employers and staffing agencies. If you have a green card application and need a sponsor, please e-mail us for information on how we can help you maintain your priority date and find a great career opportunity. Allied Healthcare Group is the leader in healthcare staffing and management services in United States. Allied Healthcare Group is the leader in healthcare staffing and management services in the U.S.