Austin Health

Austin Health is one of Victoria’s largest health care providers. Comprising the Austin Hospital, Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, Royal Talbot Rehabilitation , Hospital in the Home and community based health services, Austin Health is an internationally recognised leader in clinical teaching, training and research,with numerous university and research institute affiliations.


Austin Health employs in excess of 8,000 staff across its sites; including over 1,000 Doctors and 3,000 nurses, and delivers a full range of leading edge clinical services, including several state-wide services (liver transplant, spinal cord injury service, respiratory support service, child inpatient mental health service). In total, Austin Health provides over 900 beds, including mental health, aged care and rehabilitation beds and a range of community and in the home services. The current annual operating budget is in excess of $900 million


Austin Health delivers vital state-wide services to all Victorians, including to diverse multicultural and veteran communities. It also provides community and specialty services to the people of Melbourne’s north-eastern corridor in a safety-focused, team-oriented and stimulating work environment.


Austin Health’s current vision is to change healthcare for the better through world class research, education and exceptional patient care.  In early 2018, we are finalising our new Strategic Plan 2017-2022 with progressive priorities for the future including a refresh of our vision, values and brand to ensure we are best positioned to deliver contemporary, innovative and patient focused care.


Austin Health is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce that reflects the community we serve. Austin Health is committed to providing an inclusive culture where all employees can contribute to the best of their ability and strive to develop further.


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