Company Description

Tetra Health manages the entire patient to product experience in collaboration with healthcare organisations, assiting both physicians and patients in navigating the regulatory pathway to access medicinal cannabis products across Australia. Our turnkey systems are built on the foundation of clinical research, controlled administration and continuous care.

Tetra's Medical Advisory Board, as well as our partners, have years of clinical experience and success in managing over 50,000 global patients with a diverse list of conditions and symptoms. Our experience to date has demonstrated our knowledge, understanding and processes in achieving better patient treatment outcomes. 

Currently, there are no restrictions imposed by the TGA on the indications/conditions for which a medical practitioner may apply for medical cannabis for their patient as long as there is clinical justification of use. The TGA has approved the following indications:

  • chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting
  • refractory paediatric epilepsy
  • palliative care indications
  • cancer pain
  • neuropathic pain
  • spasticity from neurological conditions
  • anorexia and wasting associated with chronic illness.

Other recent approvals include Autism, Insomnia, Migranes, and PTSD.


Tetra is now accepting referrals from GPs or Specialists who feel that their patients may benefit from medicinal cannabis, but may not have the resources to feel comfortable prescribing. Tetra's team is comprised of a number of medical professionals with clinical experience in prescribing and managing medicincal cannabis, and keep referring physicians informed via patient monitoring and regular progress reports. Our referral form can be found on our website at 

Interested in prescribing medicinal cannabis and looking to learn how Tetra can support you, or your patients? Please email physicians(at) for more details, or see below for information about joining our team.