St Vincent Health Australia

A key strategy in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce development is targeting positions within the organisation. Targeting positions gives St Vincent’s Health Australia an opportunity to demonstrate our mission and values, fulfil our commitments and bring positive change to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in our Private Hospitals, Public hospitals and Aged Care Facilities. As part of St Vincent’s Health Australia’s (SVHA) vision for a reconciled Australia is that all our people and communities share in the health and prosperity that this nation has to offer.

St Vincent’s Health Australia is committed to reconciliation and Closing the Gap in employment related outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.Operating across the spectrum of health care services, we offer roles for doctors, nurses, midwives, therapists, pharmacists, social workers, mental health workers, engineers, carpenters, receptionists, business professionals, researchers, and in allied health, education, administration, corporate support and many more in our Private and Public Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities.

You will be an integral part of the team that is passionate about making a difference to the lives of those you care for, while making a positive contribution to the overall standard of care delivered by the department. You will join a team of highly skilled multidisciplinary professional and your enthusiasm and dedication for nursing will be highly valued within a supportive environment. St Vincent’s Health Australia will increase its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce to 500 employees by 2020 as part of its commitment to the Commonwealth Government’s Employment Parity Initiative (EPI).