Taranaki DHB

Taranaki District Health Board

Taranaki District Health Board is a Crown entity responsible for the provision and funding of health and disability services in the region. It is one of 21 district health boards established nationally on January 1, 2001.

The board governs all Taranaki public hospitals, community services, including district nursing, health education and public health, such as health promotion and protection. It will soon be responsible for many private services, such as GPs, private rest homes and other health service providers, who have previously contracted with a Government agency (the health Funding Authority or HFA) for services. These organisations will now contract with the board to provide their services in Taranaki. The board will control a $280 million annual budget.

The board comprises 11 members, seven elected in Taranaki and four appointed by the Minister of Health. Each director serves a three-year term.

Two advisory committees have been established and they will do the groundwork and bring recommendations to the board for consideration and final approval or rejection. The advisory committees are the Hospital Advisory Committee and the Community & Public Health Advisory Committee/Disability Support Advisory Committee.

All meetings are open to the public and there are opportunities to make submissions at both board and advisory committee level. People wishing to make a submission/deputation at a board meeting should notify the executive officer at least 10 working days before the meeting, outlining their submission, which can be presented to the board in writing or orally. A translator will be present for those who wish to submit in Maori. Legislation requires the board to ensure Maori are able to contribute in decision-making and participate in the delivery of health and disability services. The board is therefore enhancing relationships with Maori, including Maori health professionals and community organisations. All board agendas and minutes are available to the public.