People Dynamics is headed by Laura Birley, an experienced HR consultant who comes from a strategic management and organisational background. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, People Dynamics were founded in 2002, and have since built up a strong, loyal client base (see what our clients say about us) across all states of Australia.

We help small to medium sized businesses with all their HR needs – working across all industries from manufacturing, through to retail and the government sector.

Being a small business ourselves allows us to be responsive to our clients’ needs. We don’t provide a one size fits all approach, instead we have proven methodologies and tools, along with many years of experience that we can adopt a tailored, workable solution. We know your business is unique and we take the time to learn about your business first before we offer any solutions. It allows our approach to be strategic and holistic rather than ‘band aid’.

Primarily our work is focused around what we can do to help the business owner and manager structure the business to allow them to do what they are best at and let the others get on with it! Our work then centres around the tools and practices the company has in place, and the training, coaching and mentoring of individual managers to be able to have effective conversations with their staff. We help staff too – often by lending an ear and assisting them work out what they want to do in their roles.

Our processes and systems are designed to work with your organisational culture, not against it. You might have an informal, friendly, family culture that you have worked hard to create – we can work with you to strengthen and build upon that foundation. Our manuals aren’t thick and they don’t sit on the shelves gathering dust. They are simple, user friendly, and proven.

All of our processes are designed to be used without needing an HR Manager or HR Department and allow Managers and Supervisors to take direct responsibility for their own people. Alternatively, some of our clients have HR managers on site and we have formed many strong relationships supporting them in their role with the extra resources they need.

Whatever your business, People Dynamics have the expertise to help you with all your people management needs. Our Vision is to be seen as the top HR consultancy for the small to medium business market, dedicated to delivering results so that business owners can achieve their vision and grow their business effectively.