Auckland District Health Board

Auckland District Health Board is funded on a population-based funding formula that is based on where people were living on census night.

Adjustments are made for age, ethnicity and for the amount of specialist work provided to people outside the area. ADHB has a total revenue of approximately $1.8 billion per year and funding of $987 million for the ADHB population.                                                                                                                                                        

Hospital and related services owned by ADHB receive approximately 76 per cent of the budget. 

Sixty per cent of this revenue is associated with staff costs, and approximately 20 per cent is related to treatment costs, with the remainder linked to equipment, capital, depreciation and administration.

Twenty-four per cent of total revenue is associated with non-hospital services, the bulk of which is made up from Primary Health Organisations, pharmaceuticals and laboratory residential services for older people and for people with a mental illness.There are a number of Kaupapa services run by, and for, Maori and similar culturally-based services for Pacific people. Dental services and palliative-care are also provided in the community under contact to the DHB.