Radiation Oncologist and Nurse Receive 'Order of Australia' Medal

It's always a good day when the hard work of Australian health professionals is recognised. Whether it is serving to protect those that stand beside us or venture over seas to stop oncoming epidemics, these Australian's are surely deserving of more than just a medal, but our respect and thanks.

"I'd been to Liberia a couple of times before Ebola, but Ebola stands out - it was just so big and so awful but one of the best missions I did," Ms Bowell reflected on her time helping those struggling with the deadly flesh eating virus.

Radiation oncologist, Professor John Boyages has also been named Officer of the Order of Australia for his work with breast cancer patients. In 1989 the mastectomy rate was around 70-80 percent according to Professor Boyages. He is now happily reporting that the conservation is closer to 70-80% as instituting practical methodologies for improving detection and treatment across breast cancer patients. 

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